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Hm, Intro's are always the hard ones. . .mk, well, I'm Mischa Barton and I play Marissa Cooper on the OC. Yes, you may think I play a bit of a drama queen on the show, but in real life drama is a minimum. You may think I'm a party girl or something. I do like to party, if that's what you mean, but I do not go crazy like other actresses. I do hang out with Nicky Hilton sometimes, but I do not party as hard as her. I enjoy working on the OC, and I love my cast mates a lot. There were rumors of Ben and I dating, but no, we were just good friends. There are also rumors of me dating Brandon Davis, and I'd like to clear them up. . .
We are just friends as well. I am currently single.

Oh, by the way, my AIM is californiamischa. . .I'm looking forward to talking to you!

Love you lots,
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