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A little unfriendly message...

I'm ending the spamming week a day before because you all suck, people !!!

I haven't seen a single spam and I'm dissapointed of all of you. Like Damon asked: Where's the love? and I wanna add: Where the hell are all of the comments as well? Where are the active players that used to have fun in chats?

If someone comments to you have at least the decency of commenting in their journal, it's called being polite in case you didn't know that.

If someone has im you once, im them back for the same fucking reason, don't think that just because they're not one of your cast mates or a personal friend of yours, they are boring or whatever you might think of them, many people in here might give you a surprise if you let them.

If no one calls you, rant about it, it's allowed but have in mind that the phone works both ways and you have the same duty as them. No one calls you? Fine, YOU start calling people, be nice, polite, make plans if you can, anything works, and most important of all, if you don't know much about that person, ask them questions to get to know them better, you won't know if you share interests or hobbies or points of view if you don't.

This is sad, dissapointing and it sucks.
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